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Here we understand ”what research is?”; it is another word for gathering information or facts or data. The more information, facts, or data we have is helpful to solve the problem and make our own good decisions. Business Research subject end result is action and implement the advance knowledge we gained by contributing to our own challenging life or future business aspects.

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We interact with everyday people of ordinary people and extra ordinary people such as teachers, students, scientists, professors, scholars, business owners, librarians, book keepers, politicians and many more which was the result of advance knowledge created in the past to gather information. Accordance, to the three year degree program and final year first semester one subject; business research helpful students to be aware of their surroundings and accommodating to answers to the business related questions. Subsequently, we have learnt about ‘how research contributes to management, identification of the research process such as; discovering the management questions and research questions, research proposal, research design, data collection and preparation, data analysis and interpretation, report writing and etc. Also, how to use the secondary data to answer management questions, identify and apply appropriate designs for conducting specific business research, how sampling is accomplished in survey research and the difference between probability and non-probability sampling and formulate testable research hypothesis based on management questions.

Learning Experiences

2.1 Learning Experiences of Business Research

”Learning” is all about gaining knowledge of or skill in by study, experience or being taught. Learning experience is observing and reflecting on the consequences of an action in a situation. Concrete experience Testing implications of Observations and reflections concepts in new situations Formation of abstract concepts and generations Figure 1. The experimental Learning Model Learning has considered as a four-stage cycle. Gradual experience is the basis for observation and reflection. Today, successful manager or administrator is differentiating from each other by not having the knowledge or skills by their capability if adopt and familiarizing the changing demands of their job and career by using the learning skills. There is a mortal about learning such as ”one learns or he/ she does not”. More explains mortal about learning is deficient of accepting the learning process.

2.2 Learning processes of Business Research

Coventry University in United Kingdom provides with vast opportunities and links for the career path of a business student. Academic career gives the opportunity to select the career path in chosen and pretend field. Combination of academic and business link provides the authority for both educational and the corporate sector experiences. Most of the research standards in the reality of business as most of the theories are ratify in real world of business. Research simply means a search of facts solutions to problems and it is systematic and methodical investigation.

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