The Process Thats Involved In Recruitment Business Essay

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Recruitment is the process of generating a pool of qualified candidates for a particular job (Luis R, 2007, P.146). It is the major function in the human resource management department and the recruitment process is the first step to create the competitive advantage for the organizations. Recruitment process involves a serious of systematic steps from identifying the talents needed by the organization until the arranging and conducting the interviews.

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The recruitment process will bring a few benefits towards the organization. Firstly, it is helping to attract and encourage more and more qualified candidates who are having different background, experience and skills to apply the jobs are provided from the organization. Secondly, the recruitment process is also helping the organization to identify and determine the human resource requirements needs for the development of an organization at present in the future time. Thirdly, the recruitment process is also helping the organization to increase the diversity of its workforce by receiving the employee who are having different background, experience and skills. This will help the organization to improve the quality of service towards customer and enhance the customer satisfaction. Lastly, the recruitment process is also helping the organization to make sure the employees are having enough ability to fit for the job in order to increase the productivity and increase the conflicts. The recruitment process is playing a major role for the sustainable development of an organization. Thus, I will use Kuo Kuang primary school as an example to discuss and comment on its recruitment process in the next part of this assignment. The steps of recruitment process Kuo Kuang primary school is a Chinese primary school which is having two campuses and both are located in Skudai. In terms of student population, Kuo Kuang is one of the largest primary school in Malaysia. In this part, I will introduce the recruitment process within school in a simple manner.

2.1) Step 1: Identifying the human resource needs

During the first steps, the human resource department in Kuo Kuang is responsible to identity the human resources needs for the present and the future development of the organization. For Kuo Kuang primary school, there are certain thing must be included such as the purpose of the job must in the line with the mission and vision of the organization. This is very important for an organization to identity its human resource needs in order to ensure that the human resources is available to deal with any changes or make expansion for the organization. Identity the human resource needs timely will help the organization to control and facilitate its operations and even help the organization to increase its productivity.

2.2) Step 2: Prepare the job description and specification

After identify the human resource needs,

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