The Problem with The Average American Diet

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In this very second, approximately 350 slices of pizza are being consumed across the nation totaling 100 acres of pizza being eaten each day making it a $30 billion per year industry. Cheese has been found to be 70% fat, yet that has not stopped it from being a highly popular dish. The infamous Big Macs from McDonalds are sold each second for a total of $2304 at the rate of their demand.

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Consequently, Americans also spend $60 billion annually in weight loss programs. When the dietary components of the average American consist of 42% dairy and animal products, 51% refined and processed foods, and only 7% fruits and veggies, it shouldn’t be too surprising to find that our nation is being plagued with obesity and diseases such as heart attacks and diabetes at unprecedented rates. The invention of fast food has increased our convenience as well as our waistline. Furthermore, it can be noted that the biggest problem with this diet is specifically the fact that animal products are being processed and consumed in ways that is putting the health of Americans at risk.

Nearly 15,000 years ago humans began hunting and gathering. Our eyes evolved to have the ability to see the bright colors of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables from many feet away while the meat that was hunted provided our ancestors with the protein that they needed to survive and make offspring. Due to the fact that meat has done so and it is synonymous with the word protein, many are led to the conclusion that vegan or vegetarian diets are not healthy; thus filling up their plates with steaks, fried chicken, and extra cheese pizza with processed pepperoni on top. However, besides providing people with protein, meat also comes packed with cholesterols and saturated fats that can raise your blood pressure and increase your chance of heart attack. Omnivores have a startling 50% chance of developing heart disease while lacto-ovo vegetarians are at 15% and vegans are at a mere 6%. Eating the flesh of cows is not the only health offense here; the trouble with drinking the milk of these mammals should also be noted. There is no other species on the planet that takes the milk from another animal and drinks it past their nurturing period, but we humans cruelly contribute to the slaughtering of more than 245,000 dairy cows per year only for the sake of our own selfish “needs.” We grow up believing that dairy milk is packed with calcium that will provide us with strong healthy bones due to the fact that the dairy industry is loaded with money and can spend millions on advertising and biased research that will lead us to believe so. Ironically, countries with the highest dairy consumption are also the ones with the highest rates of osteoporosis.

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