The Problem of Racial Discrimination

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Racism has been a constant issue today as it was many years ago. Throughout history many groups have been labeled and criticized not only for the race, but for their sex and class as well. People of lower class being criticized for not having economical means to afford common goods. Blacks being put down for their color. The federal government should be the one to initiate a national movement against racism. Although, this cannot be done alone, those in authority and society also play a huge role in this movement.

Judgement about other individuals should be considered before expressing yourself outloud. Sometimes with a simple decision your are making you can be committing unconscious bias. According to the article Unconscious Bias, When good intentions aren’t good enough, by Sarah E,. Fiarman, “a growing body of research shows that we all harbor unconscious bias.” Bringing forward this sort of unconscious bias begins to promote an unpleasant environment for those being targeted. For instance, teachers carry a role with greater responsibilities of not expressing or showing such bias towards anyone based of their skin color, ethnicity, language, and other traits. Still teachers have demonstrated quite the opposite. (indirect quote) “Educators, he told me, frequently notice misbehavior among black students while ignoring the same behavior among white students.” qtd Unconscious bias article. If students of color are experiencing these prejudiced acts at an early age how can we expect them to develop a positive attitude towards people in authority later in life. When all they have received is racial discrimination.

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The only way we can begin by preventing such issues is starting a national movement that will help bring racism to an end. This national movement can implement a measure to bring awareness of unconscious bias in school and steps to eliminate barriers ensuring groups and individuals being targeted are being more effectively addressed.

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