The Power of Forgiveness

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The Power of Forgiveness is a movie that goes in depth into horrific acts of terror, violence, and war. Throughout the movie you hear from survivors and victims of such acts. I can appreciate the magnitude of this film, after traveling to Belfast and seeing first-hand the clash of the two religious parties.

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The anger and contempt between the Catholics and Protestants are still there, still on two sides of a wall dividing a city. A religious conflict created by government. It is often said that the people of Belfast are the nicest to travelers but the meanest to their fellow neighbor.

In my many visits to various Amish communities, in both Pennsylvania and Ohio, I can tell what kind of forgiving people the Amish are. Whenever you interact with the Amish in their stores, you can see the kindness in their eyes. It is unfortunate what happened to the Amish in the school shooting, in their loss of family, friends, and neighbors. Filmmaker Martin Doblmeier says, “The word ‘forgiveness’ may be the most provocative word in our culture today. There is an underlying anger in our country that we see regularly in our movies, in the news, even on our highways.”

Culture is to blame for all the hate and anger in the world. The human person considers many acts throughout their day to be an attack. An attack on the world, on their country, on themselves, and on their friendships, just to name a few. In the movie, it talks about the infamous terrorist attack on our country, The terrorist attacks on September 11th,

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