The Physics In Soccer

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There is physics all around people in their everyday lives. People do not think about the many ways physics influences them. Physics can be found anywhere including in sports, and soccer has a lot of physics that are very crucial to the sport. The laws of physics, including physics on a soccer player, ball, and Newton’s three laws, are essential to playing soccer.

The laws of physics have a large impact on the soccer ball. This is demonstrated in the momentum on a ball. Whenever a soccer player kicks the ball, they transfer the momentum from their leg to the ball; this is the result from the formula for momentum p=m*v. The momentum is calculated by the mass of the soccer player multiplied by his velocity. Also displayed here is the law of conservation of momentum in that when the leg kicks the ball, the total momentum is conserved between the leg and the ball, and also when the leg slows down the velocity of the ball, the momentum is also still conserved (Acevedo, par. 1).

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In addition to momentum, friction is always involved in soccer whether it is rolling friction or sliding friction. Rolling friction is the friction that acts upon an object when it rolls across a surface. Rolling friction can be demonstrated through the ball rolling across the grass or turf field. There are different types of fields that affect the balls friction on the field. With grass the rolling friction is more and slows down the ball faster. On turf the friction takes less affect and the ball can move much faster because it rolls more naturally and faster across the field causing less friction. Sliding friction occurs when two solid objects slide over each other.

Sliding friction takes effect when the players are running up and down the field from all over. Sliding friction makes it to where the players are not sliding all over the field but makes it where they are able to get grip and turn quickly toward the ball. Running is an example of sliding friction and running is a huge part of soccer so that is where it takes place as well.

The acceleration on a soccer ball greatly influences the game. How much acceleration is determined on how hard the ball is kicked by the soccer player. The ball must be kicked with just the right amount of acceleration for it to roll the distance you want it to go. There is more acceleration put on a soccer ball when it is shot so the ball can go much quicker and lift up faster. On passes there is most of the time less acceleration because the player wants it to get to the teammate as accurately as possible. The acceleration on the ball is a big factor and is very important to the game and a big factor to consider while playing.

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