The Patriotic Spirit

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Nationalism manifests mental attitudes, and individual behaviors or societies that refer to loyalty or devotion to the nation and state. The spirit of nationalism must be cultivated in all societies, especially the younger generation. This is because youth are the ones who support the nation, the direction of a nation.

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We as generations of postmodernism, have been blessed with a variety of pleasures and pleasures. We realize that all we enjoy today is the sacrifices and persecutions that the fighters and people have achieved independently in the past. The spirit of nationalism is increasingly less appreciative, especially the youth. Many of the factors that lead to the decline of the spirit and nationalism of the nation in this society. History of Malaysia proves that the struggle to liberate their homeland from occupation is due to the strong practice of patriotism in themselves the country has achieved its independence in the 20th century.

Therefore, the spirit of patriotism must be adopted by all communities especially younger generation so that the country continues to advance in various aspects. As for this assignment, yes, I have tendency agreed with the lack of practice of Malaysian values and the spirit of being a good Malaysian especially amongst the younger generation. Patriotism is important to shaping society in Malaysia in terms of socials, economics, political and cultural environment especially in this era. There are many challenges in order to implement strong values of patriotism among youngster. As today, many young people are very individualistic and more preferred self interest more than national interest. Some of them may also do not know how precious they are of being a Malaysian. Hence, one of the suggestions and initiative step that can be taken is by adding programs that calls for the involvement of youth of all races. For example, Rakan Muda and Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN) that can empowered and shaping youth.

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