The Organizations Culture With Managers Jobs Business Essay

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Understand culture play an important role in an organization, people meeting together in a same place with different background such as race, gender, religions, attitude and behavior. In this assignment we going to elaborate the issues that take place in an organization among the employees, then with the support of two journals we talk about role that the total quality management pays on the employee’s job satisfaction which lead us to reward and recognition, customer focus, organizational culture and team work to satisfy or to praise the employees and perform the organizational goals. The second journal we will explain the influence of corporate culture and organizational commitment on performance.

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The following theme consist the relationship between culture and managers job’s then end the process with some points of recommendations.

2.0 Introduction.

Conflict is a normal and natural part of our workplaces and lives. As people with diverse background come together in a working environment, differences in opinion, attitudes and beliefs. However conflict does not submit itself to a single and widely accepted definition, different peoples have given different definitions. Since all individual have different mindset, it is quite possible that there may be arguments or differences of opinion according certain issues. This happen most often in workplaces. Generally there are many types of conflict but the majority of them are found in places of work because most of our time is spend there. the three types of conflict are task conflict, relationship conflict and process conflict which happens among the people in an organization or in any kind of work place where people spend time working during the day. Issues occurs when one or two social entities is required to engage in an activity that is deferent with his or her needs or interests, wants some mutually desirable resources that is in short supply, such that the wants of everyone may not be fully satisfied.

2.1 Literature Review Journal 1:

Employees job satisfaction is one of the major common approach viewed in the employees just because most of the employees are satisfied when they perform at a higher level in an organization. The implementation of the total quality management in an organization will involve the management and employees to a continuous improvement of the production of goods and services within the organization. Total quality management make the employees get implicate in his/her work and make changes in an organization. The TQM practices help an organization’s business strategy towards the increase in employees job satisfaction such as Reward and recognition which consist of a system an organization or a company to reward the employees based on their task accomplishments on work quality and the company compensation system to encourage teams and individual contributor which result in increasing the salary of the workers,

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