The Organization Development And Human Resources Business Essay

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Staffs are always one of the most valuable assets of any organizations as they are the ones to work and contribute to the success of an organization. Now a day, an organization would like to exist and develop successfully it must be more proactive than ever to change continuously to keep pace with the world changing every single day. The existence and development of a company will not be taking place unless there is the agent of human resources which an organization takes a big challenge in terms of finding and preserving this asset with the interaction between Organization Development and Humane Resources that have recently become important roles in the development of an organization.

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With this in mind, the researcher outlines the role of Organization Development (OD) and Human Resources (HR) in Attracting and Retaining Staff in an organization. These two elements are linked together to achieve the goal of an organization

The role of Organization Development and Human Resources

Prior to discussing the role of organization development (OD) and Human Resources (HR),we need to understand what are organization development and Human Resources and its roles? In An Experiential Approach to Organization Development, it is defined as the long-range efforts and programs aimed at improving an organization’s ability to survive by changing its problem solving and renewal processes. (Donald R. Brown & Don Harvey. 2006.p.3) in another word, Organization development is a planned, organization-wide effort to increase an organization’s effectiveness and viability. The organization needs to adapt the OD concept as it plays an important role in bringing about the change in organization and create an awareness of the changing environmental forces, and to provide the techniques, skills required for dealing with the change in organization. (Brown & Harvey,2006 p.3).For example, in 2009, the whole world was facing the economic downturn and all organizations have been affected more or less and to survive they needed to find ways to cut costs by downsizing, outsourcing or controlling on expenditures. In hotel industry, they closed some outlets or shifted full time staff from department to department so they could cut down the cost on casual staff . While Human Resources can be described as a process that focuses on attracting, selecting, orienting, training, coaching, counselling, disciplining and mentoring, developing, evaluating the performance, and supporting and retaining an organization’s most important resources: the people. “Human resources management is responsible for how people are treated in organizations. It is responsible for bringing people into the organization, helping them perform their work, compensating them for their labours, and solving problems that arise”(Cherrington, 1995,p. 5). In addition to recruiting, hiring, and training, several other functions are a part of human resources too such as creating job descriptions, developing job specifications, managing payroll and benefits,

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