The Novel The Things They Carried And War

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War is a human activity that has been around since the dawn of time. One of the most memorable and long-standing conflicts in which the United States involvement has played a huge role was the Vietnam War. Tim O’Brien, author of the novel The Things They Carried, makes a statement about the war: There were times in my life when I couldn’t feel much, not sadness or pity or passion, and somehow I blamed this place for what I had become, and I blamed it for taking away the person I had once been (O’Brien 176).

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In the novel, he portrays the soldiers’ personalities through their experiences by seeing the Monks cleaning the guns and the things they carried on them. How inThe Things They Carried Tim O’Brien believes that truth in literature has nothing to do with what actually happened.

In the fiction novel The Things They Carried, O’Brien shows the war as a tragic overall. When it comes to war, most of us are just spectators and we never truly get to experience it. There is so much about war that we just don’t know and see. According to the author, the thing about remembering is that you don’t forget. You take your material where you find it, which is in your life, at the intersections of past and present (O’Brien 33). That shows how the soldiers can be affected by the war mentally and physically. Anything that happens in your past will forever be a part of your life. You can not forget it. You will carry those burdens for the rest of your life. As an ex-soldier of the Vietnam war, we notice Tim O’Brien’s interpreting short stories has a process to evacuate his feelings. The most important thing about the novel is the way Tim O’Brien use the extreme power storytelling. That means, through those stories, O’Brien express his feelings and those of other soldiers. War not only comes with guilt and trauma, but it also has stories. Those stories continue even there is no one. Stories make memories and can be a way to expose our burdens.

In Tim O’Brien own words I want you to feel what I felt. I want you to know why story-truth is truer sometimes than happening-truth (Tim O’Brien 171),

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