The Not-So Golden Road to Citizenship

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Mario Sarceno is an immigrant who is living what most dream about when they touch U.S soil. He has a large home and family, a successful career and peace of mind. Yet it was only three years ago that some of these options became available to him when he became a citizen of the United States.

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It took him 15 years, 6,000 dollars, a lawyer and a couple of court appearances, but now he basks in the privileges that come with being an American citizen. The road wasn’t easy, he says, speaking of the time and effort he expended. And there is still more to go with my wife, who is also trying to become a citizen. For the Villaruel family, it has been a long process. Both Lucio and Pily Villarruel are residents and are currently waiting for the ability to apply for citizenship. The differences in their cases has made it difficult to go through the citizenship process, as both are undocumented immigrants. Though they have been more than willing to work and pay for the lawyer, forms and other fees, they mention that most immigrants do not have enough resources to be able to afford such things. We have been blessed, Pily remarks. But others do not have as much and cannot even begin to talk to a lawyer about their case.

This is the case for most people when it comes down to starting the process to become an American citizen. From amnesty to building a wall on the border, immigration reform has been nothing short of a highly debated topic in Congress. For the past ten years, proposals have been given and rejected, one after another. Most recently, President Donald Trump has been advocating for a wall to be built on the border between the U.S and Mexico, a wall that he claims as the only solution to this problem. (CITE THIS) There could not be more dissension among Congress members in how to deal with the 11 million people who reside undocumented inside the U.S borders.(CITE THIS) In February of 2018, because Congress could not come to a consensus, the government shut down for three days. (CITE THIS) Yet, while they argue and dissent, there are still people who are doing their best to become citizens within the system that has already been established in America. What it comes down to, though, is that this process is expensive, academically unbalanced and, at times. inflexible. When policies in the U.S change, so should the citizenship process. No reform will be able to completely stand on its feet if the process to become a citizen is too difficult or too precarious a situation for undocumented immigrants to even begin. While for some, the solution is to throw these unwanted individuals out,

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