The New Religion Pop Culture

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The New Religion: Pop Culture

Aims and Objectives Summary

The dissertation will explore and demonstrate the transformation and recreation of pop culture, with emphasis on current pop music and pop video.

The way of life of society has transformed in time as a result of new beliefs, new ideas and new symbols. Any ‘religion’ stopped expanding and even existing as a direct consequence of its inability to recreate itself and give new meaning to old symbols and signs for the continually ‘converting’ society. The pop culture, by it’s nature, recreates popular archetypes that are deep inoculated in the psychology of humanity as sex, religion, death, war, politics, etc. Through it’s continual transformation and recreation of style the pop culture is becoming the perfect manipulative and dominating way of life. Is the pop culture transforming in an always present, contemporary way of life, the new religion that recreates it’s artistic expression in order to expand and grow? This is the research question around which this research is based.

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The main aim of this dissertation is to identify and explain the recreation of symbols and themes in today’s pop music and pop video and to show the influence of this transition from ‘occasional believer’ to ‘fanatic’ in today’s society. In order to accomplish this aim the following objectives need to be analysed and discussed:

Analysis of old and new symbols in pop music and pop videos (signs and symbols take place of reality – hyper reality )

The birth of pop culture and it’s evolution

The continuous recreation of style in pop culture (sexuality without gender, religious representations as show, death as artistic expression of freedom)

The impact of pop culture on society as the perfect religion

Artists (expression creators) in pop music culture : Madonna, Lady Gaga (the use of symbols as strategic components in the Fame experiment; symbols with no meaning as surface style)

The analysis of these objectives will also demonstrate that reinventions of universal archetypal subjects are essential for the consumerism mass-media. Pop music is an important part of mass-media which has a huge impact on population. Pop culture creates the future society; a society that religiously consume media just for it’s own personal satisfaction.

Culture is a way of life and culture exists everywhere because is created by our choices. The pop culture is defined by mass-production, mass-consumerism, choice manipulation and reinforcement and recreation of symbols in order to grow and expand. This dissertation will also demonstrate how pop music, pop videos and popular performances are influencing our choices by repeatedly representing popular brands and by touching on the most primal subjects we all can relate to.

Brief Example and Review of two relevant texts

Living to tell: Madonna’s Resurrection of the Fleshly is the name of Chapter 7 from Susan McClary’s book Feminine Endings: Music,

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