The Nature and Causes of Racism

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Why is there such hate when it comes to the way a person believes in other people’s race? We all know that not everyone likes every race and sometimes show it in a negative way by taking actions. There are times when people go too far in things they do when it comes to being racist and it can cause stress towards victims of these kinds of circumstances. Most normal human being has been taught since an early age to be respectful to all people no matter who the person is, so one should not talk bad about anyone.

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Throughout life, most people have seen and heard people being discriminated this is not something new this is something that continues in society. Even Though, racism is something powerful there should be solutions to solve this problem to prevent it from causing harm to the victims. Once while attending high school I used to take the district school bus and there was a girl in it who also attended the same school, but in times when she was furious, she was racist towards the Mexicans. Unfortunately, I did not know the reason for it, but once she said, “why do Mexicans live in the ghetto?” This is an offensive term and it was very uncomfortable to be around this girl, but I had to take the bus five days out of the week.

Now I discuss this from personal experience another moment of my life I was too shy to be inside stores because of my difficulty in speaking the English language in the right form it was an embarrassment to have to do, but it’s necessary in order to get things done. Have you ever gone to wonder how life would’ve been any different if racism didn’t exist since the early time period? In the book Sula by Toni Morrison, it had some offensive terms, where she should not have put it because her words may make people feel bad. Morrison states, “The nigger got the hilly land, where planting was backbreaking…”(5). As one can see how this is completely inappropriate to be in a book or anywhere where people can see it. Imagine being offended for what family beliefs in and imagine how would a whole family feel if they saw something that can hurt all of their feelings? If every human on this planet saw the all humans from different heritage are equal then it would have a more peaceful life to live. Sadly, there may be many other books where they say words that can be harsh towards one specific race just like it said it in the Sula book. The majority of the people on Earth should agree not to show signs of racism well if one thinks they should not say or do anything that can discriminate a race especially the African Americans.

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