The Narrator in The Tell-Tale Heart

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I have been reading The Tell- Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe, published in 1850. When I first read Tell-Tale Heart, my very first thought was this man is insane. He states that he killed an old man, he did not kill this old man because he pissed him off or because he wanted his money, he states that he loved this man and he never has done any harm to him.

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He states that he killed this old man because he was bothered by his eye. There are a lot of metaphors that are used in this short story, and the metaphors that the man uses really sticks out at me and makes the story very detailed. To better explain the story, the old man talks about how he killed this man and hid the body under the floor boards in his house. The story doesn’t state this, but I assume that the story is being told in an insane asylum. I believe this because he shows signs of being an insane man that cannot function in society like a normal man. He states in the passage, it is impossible to say how the first idea entered my brain; but once convinced, it haunted me day and night (Poe, 1850). He states right after that Passion there was none (Poe, 1850).

That is clearly stating that this man has no apologizes for his actions for killing this man. Also, towards the end of the story he discusses how he was caught, leaving us to believe that he was found insane and is serving time in a mental institution.

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