The most decisive phase

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The most decisive phase of reform in the Polish economy was initiated in 1990. Foreign investment is being actively encouraged and the number of foreign investors coming into the country increases quickly. As a result many consulting organization had to meet up with high consulting demand with effective strategies.

This research aims to point out an approach to effective marketing strategies of a consulting organization towards foreign investors in Poland. And also, Strengths Weakness Opportunities and Threat (SWOT) analysis will be conducted in the selected consulting organization in order to design the marketing strategy, which will focus on market segmentation, marketing mix, competitive strategy, strategic client-consultant partnership and organizational strategy. And also the role and tasks of consulting organizations towards their clients are also discussed in the research.

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Finally, the recommendations in both macro and micro environment of consulting Organization for foreign investors in Poland will be made and this can make the firms to operate their business effectively.


Economy reform in Poland was inplemented in 1989 to remove price controls and several subsidies to industry. The Polish government also wanted to open their market to the foreign investors in every sector, so the economic reform was adopted. In the early nineties, Poland was the first central European country who returned to growth after recession. In recent years there are lots of foreign investors who are attracted to Polish market, they came to investigate, explore new market.

The first place foreign investors come to seek for the useful advice is Polish information and foreign investment Agency (PAIiIZ). To meet the high demand a lot of Polish consulting organizations have been established lately. However, consultancy is a fresh field and newly-established firms are facing abundant difficulties such as lack of experiences, do not understand market economy system, cross-cultural problems, etc.

1.1. Statement of the problem

The number of consulting organizations has been increased quickly accordingly to the supply-demand economics law. Actually, it is a promising market for the consulting firms. Yet, customer satisfaction remain as a complicated problem. What kind of services should be offered in which specific industry? And how to provide excellent services to meet the needs of customers? There are current questions facing by every consulting oganization that is offering services to foreign investors. Clearly, an approach to the effective marketing strategies is very important for any consulting organization.

1.2. Objectives of the Study

In order to improve business activities in any consulting organization, marketing strategies and activities are vitac, the following are the fundamental objectives of the study:

  1. To identify the present marketing activities in the Consulting organizations
  2. To analyze business environment of consultant organizations in Poland
  3. To arrange an approach to the effective marketing strategies for a consulting organization towards foreign investors
  4. To recommend the effective marketing strategies to consulting organization.

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