The Metamorphosis is a story about Gregor Samsa

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Franz Kafka’s, The Metamorphosis, is a story about Gregor Samsa, a man who does everything to fulfill the needs of his family. Isolation and alienation is a huge theme of this story because he changes in his sleep into a giant beetle symbolizing those things. Kafka’s perspective on the meaning of life is drawn through Gregor Samsa.

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Existentialism is a philosophy related term with finding self and the meaning of life through free will, choice, and personal responsibility (Existentialism 3). Gregor is unable to fulfill his view of finding meaning in one’s life; he acted how his family wanted him too. Kafka’s belief that there is no meaning to life and that the individual has to create his own meaning in life is entirely missed by Gregor. Kafka uses the mindsets of Gregor and his family members to express the importance of an individual fulfilling his own needs.

The main character Gregor is meant to relate to Franz Kafka. For Kafka and his parents, he took jobs that he did not want to do at all. His relationship with his father remained strained throughout his life and his fathers impact can be seen in a lot of his writing (Triska 13). Gregor’s relationship with his father is similar to Kafka’s relationship with his father too. For most of Kafka’s life, he did not live to fulfill his own needs; Kafka was living under his father’s expectations. He was under so much pressure to become a successful businessman like his father, but he loved literature which went against what his father wanted him to do; hence why he had a strained relationship between him and his dad (Kafka Birthday: A Letter From Franz Kafka To His Father). Franz Kafka had two younger brothers, but they both died leaving Kafka as the only son ( Kafka being the only living son caused for him to have to take his father’s cruel behavior and presence. Kafka has lived the not being able to make choices that benefit his life, his dad made all the choices for him. He knows the feeling that an individual gets when he or she is not living to bringing meaning to their lives. When comparing Franz Kafka and his personal life to The Metamorphosis it is obvious in more ways than one that he was writing a twisted story of his life (Breckman).

Through Gregor, Kafka shows the process of depriving a person of positive human qualities. Gregor works at a job that consumes his thoughts and passions. He shows us how humans give themselves up to boring routines that don’t bring any meaning to the individual’s life. Gregor has a flashback to a time before his metamorphosis, when he worked with a special intensity (Metamorphosis 43) in order to provide for his family,

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