The Meditterean Food Diet

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Is it possible to have tasty yet healthy food? This is a question many people ask when planning for a healthy diet. No one would mind enjoying real foods knowing apart from their taste, the food will tag along numerous benefits. In the contemporary society, people are looking for alternative healthy foods to avoid contacting lifestyle diseases.

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This has meant even borrowing diets from different cultures. According to Simin (2001), the Mediterranean diet proves that it is possible to have the best of both worlds; tasty food and healthy food. The Mediterranean diet was borrowed from countries around the Mediterranean Sea including Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, and Egypt. Because of its numerous advantages, it has gradually been adopted in many countries particularly in Europe. Anyone looking for a diet to settle for, Mediterranean diet got all your concerns covered.

Many people want to settle for diets that guarantee a healthy life. The philosophy behind Mediterranean diet is low sugar, high fiber content, and low cholesterol (Altomare et al., 2013). This, therefore, indicates that most foods in this diet are whole. This philosophy also entails moderate consumption of fish and poultry as well as a low consumption of dairy products. This philosophy is backed scientifically with science showing that consumption of foods with high sugar content is the leading cause of obesity and other lifestyle diseases. Scientific research has also shown that poor digestion leads to storage of more sugars as fat thus leading to gaining weight (Trichopoulou, 2012). Food rich in fiber helps in digestion thus helps in regulating body weight. The social implication for adopting the Mediterranean diet includes gaining confidence when around people. When an individual feels healthy, their self-esteem improves tremendously and thus start mingling with people fearlessly.

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