The Medical Ethics of Physician-assisted Suicide

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Physician assisted suicide is when a doctor supplies a person with the necessary things and information to help the person perform a life ending act. Physician assisted suicide is when is when a person gets prescribed a deadly dose of medicine from their docotr that they can take when they get ready too. Physician assisted suicide has become an option for those around the world and even legal in certain States in the US.

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This option is legal in 6 states which are California, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington) most of those requiring a minimum age of 18 years old, and a diagnosis of 6 months or less life expectancy. This being legal in states that are so close to home makes me interested to know more about the topic and why it is legal in those 6 states and also why it is prohibited in certain places around the world.

I personally think physician assisted suicide is wrong and should never been performed on any person. , Jackowski (2014) explains why assisted suicide is not the answer, and that every person considering assisted suicide should have someone teaching them on the reasons assisted suicide isnt the answer. People should have a healthcare advocate that can give them options and resources that they may not be able to get from friends or family. I agree with Jackowskir’s because she gives really good reasons behind what she believes and I agree with the fact that assisted suicide isnt the right option and should be avoided at all costs. Those who are diagnosed with an terminal illness are at a all-time low in their life and should not be left with such a huge decision without being explained the procedure.

In many cases, there are patients who are given only a certain amount of time to live and I can see where some people would want to do an assisted suicide. Angell (2012) explains why assisted suicide should be an option for people who have been diagnosed with a deadly illness. There are many things that have to be met in order to receive assisted suicide and also the doctor has the option to disagree with the choice and also refuse to do it.

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