The Mayans and the Aztecs

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The Mayans and the Aztecs built great civilizations in Mexico and Central America. The first of these cultures was the Mayan civilization, then the Aztecs. These are the ancient American civilization that the Spanish conquerors found when they arrived on the American continent. The Mayans and Aztecs were two great civilizations, which had the same religion, great monuments, cities and agriculture, but differ in terms of language, science, and where they lived, making the Mayas a better civilization for their superiority in science.

Aztecs and Mayas have left admirable artistic legacy temples, palaces, ceramics, sculptures, paintings, and woodcarvings. The two cultures presented pyramids and ceremonial centers. The architecture had a close relationship with religion, astronomy and geography. For example, the monumental buildings were decorated with images of religious and cultural importance and in many cases with writing. The Mayan cities were immense they had temples, pyramids and palaces, in these; they sculpted the stone to form figures and create many sculptures along the cities that represent their gods. These constructions had paintings, with which they recorded what happen. Same with the Aztecs their city was in the middle of a lake, with glorious monuments and pyramids. The size of the buildings and the great crowds who welcomed these strange-looking visitors left the Spaniards astonished. They saw huge palaces coated with shiny cement and swept and garlanded . . . adjacent to great oratories for idols, some of which were covered with blood. The Aztec island capital, Tenochtitlan was at that time one of the largest cities in the world with nearly 200,000 inhabitants(Carrasco, 2012, 1). All this was possible because the architects and urban planners designed and built important ceremonial centers, with pyramidal foundations, wide squares and beautiful palaces traced perfectly. In both cultures beautiful places were built, and above all so perfect, lacking metal tools that we have today, as is the case of hammers, shovels. Therefore, to do such wonderful things they needed a lot of strength. They made their cities places that still surprise for their harmonious concept as well as majestic. The Mayas potters and ceramist produced colorful sculptures with figures of animals and plants. This sculptures left proof of their mastery and talent in monumental pieces worked in stone, with which they generally represented their gods.

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The religion was the same among the two; the religion was polytheistic. The Mayas believed in several gods represented of nature, they believed in the god of the earth, water, sun and moon. Similarly, with the Aztec civilization that also had a polytheist religion tended to believe in several gods like the god of heaven, and god of war. Although the two civilizations had the same religion, their gods were represented differently as the name of each god was different for each civilization; for the Mayas Chaac was associated with water,

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