The main theme Of The Story Of Mice

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In the book Of Mice And Men, by John Steinbeck I believe the main theme is friendship. This story takes place in the Great Depression in California. The book was about two men who had a strong friendship and the man named Lennie had something wrong with him, so he acted like a child. George was Lennier’s caretaker since Lennie wasnt able to take care of himself very well. This book showed how much George cared about Lennie by taking care of him even though he didnt have to.

The book, Of Mice And Men, has many themes but friendship stood out the most to me. George was always taking care of Lennie and sometimes George got frustrated with Lennie. In the book it said, The little man jerked down the brim of his hat and scowled over Lennie, so you forgot that awready,did you? I gotta tell you again, do I ? This shows that George gets mad a lot but still stays by Lennier’s side, even when Lennie forgets what George tells him just after he says it.

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George is very patient with Lennie even though he gets furious. Lennie doesnt think like most men do as was shown when George asks this, What you want of a dead mouse,anyways? I could pet it with my thumb while we walked along, said Lennie. This shows that Lennie acts like a child by wanting to pet the mouse. People like Lennie dont understand that they are men and strong and could hurt someone even if they are just playing around. God,

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