The Main Materials

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When it comes to marching band there are many styles like military, corps style, carnival style, scramble style, and many more. Among high school bands the most common style is the show band style, since they focus on providing entertainment to people at football games and competitions. Most high schools and universities have show bands that do more than play for the crowd at games, but also compete against other bands that are on their same level.

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Most bands will learn one show consisting of multiple different pieces of music that are fused together to create one cohesive journey. They usually learn this shows at a band camp in the summer, where they are also taught the different marching and stances that they will need to know if they do not already. Bands spend all season continuously trying to perfect their show, always having early morning practices and night practices multiple times a week.

The main materials used in high school Show Marching Bands are the instruments and the different flags, rifles, and batons used by the Color Guard members. The Intellectual tools used by all members is the ability to understand the jargon of marching and reading/playing music. Knowing the different terms that describe the way in which you are needed to march and the stances that are appropriate to use at different points in a performance are crucial to the efficiency of both learning and correcting the drill, or routine.

There is always passion behind the reason that the members are in Marching Band. Whether itr’s because they love to play their instrument,

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