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1.0 Introduction

It has been 9 years since the literature in English component was first introduced by the Ministry of Education and to be included in English subject syllabus for Secondary school. In parallel to the Ministry vision in producing excellent students who can compete globally in the future, Literature in English for both Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary Schools aim to inclusively facilitate secondary students to improve and strengthen their proficiency in the English Language. Through the literature in English component also, it allows the students to learn many things from many perspectives by studying other cultures and world views.

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However, the most important thing is that literature in English gives the students more opportunities to be more appreciative towards the esthetics of the English language and towards literature masterpieces as well. Besides, the learning of literature will help to impart values beneficial to students’ personal growth, development and character.

However, throughout the 9 years of implementation of the Literature component in secondary school, numerous studies have been done and have revealed some facts regarding students’ interest towards the literature in English component in the secondary schools. Most of Malaysian students give negative responses to the learning of literature in English in classroom especially at the early periods when it was first introduced. In fact, most of the researches have done some researches on how to enhance the learning of literature in English among the students due to the fact that Malaysian students’ have lack of interest in learning literature in English.

There are varieties of factors that contribute to students’ interest in Literature. However this research will look deeply into the three main causes that affecting students’ interest in learning literature in English and on how strong the causes really affects the students. The three factors are the student’s exposure towards English language and the level of proficiency in English, the content of the literature component itself, and the activities done in the classroom during the literature lesson. In fact, these three main factors are always being discussed as the major reasons that influence students’ interest in learning literature in English.

The language spoken at home might influence the students’ interest towards the learning of literature in English differently. Students are coming from different family background that has different experience of communicating in English at home. If the parents are good in mastering English language and always communicate with the children in the language, it might encourage the students to read the literature in English texts because they are already quite familiar with the language. However, if the students have lack of exposure towards English language, it might demotivate them to read the literature in English texts since they are hardly understand the texts.

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