The Life Course of M.P

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In 1932, the year M.P was born, the United States was in the midst of the Great Depression and just a few years away from the start of World War II. Finances were of great concern at the time for all of America. These historical events had a significant impact on the way that M.P carried out his life as a child, young adult, and as a professional.

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Specifically, M.P. grew up with a low socioeconomic status, and his family lacked resources as first-generation Americans. He fostered a strong work ethic from a young age that influenced his parenting, work ethic, and career choices throughout his life. The developmental life course perspective, (De Leeuw et al, 2015) how societal factors affect one’s experiences and opportunities, helps explain the way M.P lived his life. Considering aspects of the Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological system, (Bhat, 2015) M.P’s life was shaped by the influence the macro system had on his exosystem, which influenced his Microsystems, leading to how his perspective on life formed. Furthermore, his life choices that he made had a direct impact on the aspects of the systems in which he influenced by tremendously. The great depression affected the neighborhood in which M.P lived and the work environment as well. This then impacted M.P’s family and peers, which ultimately influenced M.P’s view on life and society. Therefore as an adult M.P took all the things he learned as a child and young adult and implemented the values instilled within him by his family, and changed what he found to be anti-his life philosophy as he raised his own family, and began to have a more significant impact on society at large.

Early life

M.P parents were immigrants. They migrated after the world war ll. They lived a miserable life with little recourses and fewer opportunities. He lived his entire life finding the job and securing employment. His extended family worked in a shoe store until retirement in Florida. All these surrounding circumstances influenced his whole life. His parenting styles and giving back to the society were impacted. They settled in the fewer fortune areas. Their neighbors were also weak. Jobless People, uneducated and who cannot afford medical care that was what defined their neighbors. No one in his family got a chance of having a nice job. Neither his grandparents nor his parents had work. Even the small shore shop his father had was later taken to the bank. hence was because of not paying back the bank. The fact that everyone around him lacked recourses it made him more ambitious to work harder. He started generating new ideas.


Societal factors have a great impact on the education sector. M.P got a chance of getting the education and attended school.

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