The Kite Runner: An Afghanistan Story

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This story begins with a flash back. Since the starting, by the novel style, clarifies that critical occasions occurred in the protagonistr’s past; which is presently causing issues down the road for him. The writer utilizes some quotes in the piece to portend and indication to the peruser about what might come later.

The book, set out of sight of Afghanistan, spins around the kinship of two individuals, Amir and Hassan. Amir is conceived in a Muslim family. Then again, Hassan has a place with the Hazara clan which is aggrieved in Afghanistan for its Shiite religious introduction. Added to this religious disgrace is his family history with a dad who is a worthless person and a mother who is seen in the public arena as a lady of simple ideals.

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Amir the main character, and Hassan his servant/brother. In the beginning Hassan and Amirr’s relationship was one of brotherly love despite the fact that Hassan was a Hazara and Amir a Pashtun. Back in the 1970r’s race and religion played a big part in Kabul and these two races were not suppose to have relationships unless it was owner (Pashtun) and servant (Hazara). Baba Amirr’s father had an affair with Hassanr’s mother, but it was kept a secret until one day Rahim Khan letr’s Amir know the whole truth. Hassan a loving, and loyal servant to Amir sacrifices himself many times for Amir, while Amir was disloyal, and cruel.

Thus, he winds up selling out him by and by and got precisely what he needed: Hassan and his dad gone from his home. In this manner, existence with Baba was not what he had trusted as he wound up feeling surprisingly more terrible. Encourage in the novel, they moved to the U.S to have a new beginning.

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