The Key Recommendations For Developing An Effective Management And Leadership Programme

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The purpose of the presentation is to present the key recommendations for developing an effective management and leadership programme.

Make a presentation including bibliography/references which will show your source of information gathered. Details about the reliability of your information, why did you choose the source, and to what extent can you trust the source and why- e.g. a company report might be more upbeat about the situation of the company than an externally conducted analysis similarly. Similarly you might identify conflicting information from different newspapers on their political biases etc how did you get around this. Leadership and management have been amongst the most studied and controversial topics of the study of business and management for the last century.  The body of theory which has grown up around the subject reflects the change in thought on management theory and can be distilled into a framework which shows the evolution f the ideas of what makes a good leader and management, and by proxy of this one can define with reference to the theory the key skills which need to be developed in order to produce good leaders.  Broadly there have been a number of movements in the thought on leadership and management, beginning with the ‘great man’ approach, defined in a number of studies on the history of leadership and management studies as the belief that leaders are exceptional people born to great innate abilities, this reflects the early school of militaristic styles of leadership, reflected in the organisation as a male dominated and hierarchical structures to business as a whole.  This data is drawn from two key studies, one a study of  the comparisons of more modern transformational leadership compared with previous styles, which allows one to assess the need for key innate personality traits, the other a modern study of an attempt to define a universal framework of leadership.  Both of these studies argue that a key part of the management and leadership of an organisation, despite the move from the great man approach, is still rooted in the idea of an inspirational character with innate abilities. These abilities have also been studied with some detail and indeed the evolutionary process in management thought moved from this point to study the traits that made an effective leader and manager.  The table shown below comes from an extensive study on the skills and traits of leaders, and is still used in theory to define those skills advantageous to leaders and managers.


– Adaptable to situations – Alert to social environment – Ambitious and achievement-orientated – Assertive – Cooperative – Decisive – Dependable – Dominant (desire to influence others) – Energetic (high activity level) – Persistent – Self-confident – Tolerant of stress – Willing to assume responsibility


– Clever (intelligent) – Conceptually skilled – Creative – Diplomatic and tactful – Fluent in speaking – Knowledgeable about group task – Organised (administrative ability) –

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