The Kennedys and Their Politics

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The Kennedys are a broad topic to elaborate on. There are many interesting facts throughout history that explains the life of the family before and during the presidential election of 1960. Even before John F.

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Kennedy became our 35th president, he acquired many accolades throughout his career in government. In 1946 Jack – which was a nickname he gained from his family ; also a common name used with John – ran for Congress successfully. He held this position for two years. A couple of years later, after his term in congress ended, he ran for Senate in 1953 successfully and held this position until 1960. This year was also the year of the presidential election which he won and served a term of three years from his inauguration in 1961 until his assassination in 1963.

Early life of John F. Kennedy

Backing up to the early 1900s John F Kennedy was born May 29, 1917 in the town of Brookline Massachusetts. His family was very wealthy and large I might add. His parents were Joseph and Rose Kennedy. Jack also had eight siblings: Joseph Patrick Junior, Rose Marie, Kathleen Agnes, Eunice Mary, Patricia, Robert Francis, Jean Ann and Edward Moore Kennedy. They all attended a local public school named Edward devotion school. Jack attended there from kindergarten and 1922 until the start of his third grade year and 1925. He missed school a lot due to bad health. JFK (John F. Kennedy) caught scarlet fever-a fatal illness in those days. After he recovered, he became sick many more times and dealt with this for most of his childhood, adult life and his presidency. When his third-grade year began him and his brother Joseph, were transferred to a private school in Dedham, Massachusetts called Noble and Greenough school. According to his parents decided to move the two brothers for disciplinary reasons and thought they would be better off at a private school.

Said by, the Kennedy family was one of the small amount of Irish families attending Noble and Greenough school at this time. Throughout the school, there were little to no jewish children and most students that attended were of the protestant faith.

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