The Iron Curtain Of Berlin Wall

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For thirty years, an iron curtain was placed across Germany separating East and West Germany. This iron curtain was called the Berlin Wall. This wall not only separated families and friends but it was the cause of East Germanys loss of freedom and democracy. The Berlin Wall was a symbol of communism and oppression, but the fall of it would lead to a new world of freedom and opportunities. The creation of the wall, the reasons on which it was built upon and the impact of the wall had on the world are all important factors to be explored.

World War II, also known as the Second World War, was a War which involved almost every part of the World. It was a conflict between the Allies and the Axis powers. The Allies consisted of Great Britain, the Soviet Union, The United States and China while the Axis consisted of Germany, Japan and Italy. World War II ended in the mid 1940s after the surrender of the Axis powers. A conference was held in Potsdam, Germany to set up peace treaties. Also at this conference, the countries that fought with Hitler were punished as well as Germany itself. Germanys primary punishment was the reduction of the size of their nation and the division of German Territory between the Allied powers to ensure proper reconstruction of Germany into democratic power(

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The Soviet Union had other plans to punish Germany. They also starved and caused poverty in West Berlin in what is known as the German blockade to get the U.S and other western allies out of the city. The U.S. did not retaliate. Instead they airlifted supplies to West Berlin such food, fuel and other goods. Unable to push the allies out, dictator Joseph Stalin ended the blockade. In 1958, tensions were raised again. Many refugees were fleeing East Berlin to West Berlin due to the communist government they were experiencing. Most of these refugees were skilled workers. Summits, conferences and other negotiations were set up but refugees were still escaping. In just one day, August 12, 1961, about 2,400 people fled from East to West. So, that night Premier Khrushchev ordered the East German government to stop any one trying to leave.

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