The Iraq War Battle

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The Iraq War (2003-2011) was a battle fought between Iraq and the US. The US, suspecting that Iraqs dictator Saddam Hussein had a large quantity of weapons of mass destruction invaded Iraq in 2003 to eliminate any possible threats and save its people from its dictator. Saddam was a Sunni muslim who used forced power to develop his power in the Middle East. He oppressed Iraqs Shiite Arabian population, allowing the Sunni Muslims to remain dominant in power.

The Iraq War consisted of two different phases. The first was a battle fought in March and April of 2003 on the grounds of Iraq. Troops from the United States and allies invaded Iraq and defeated the Iraqi military. The second, longer battle where the US troops in Iraq faced a rebellion. The battle was bloody and both sides suffered many fatalities. Fighting began to decline in 2007 and the US military slowly degraded its presence in Iraq, completing its removal in 2011. In 2006 Saddam Hussein was captured and was found guilty of inhumane acts towards his people and was sentenced to death by hanging. He desperately tried to hide and evade the US. government but was ultimately caught. In the end no weapons of mass destruction was found in Iraq. The war left the US. in debt. The war cost around $1.06 trillion.

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At the time, Americans did not truly feel the toll that the battle had taken on their economy. It is only recently that the citizens are feeling the burden of the war. It is estimated that families pay a total of $300 billion in taxes to help the government pay off their debt. The $300 will only increase in numbers in the following decades.

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