The Innovations We Now See Due to 9/11

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The Innovations We Now See Due to 9/11


            9/11 had a huge impact on America. Many laws and policies such as the Transportation Security Administration, TSA, were either altered or added after the 9/11 tragedy. The terrorist attack on the United States strike prompted America to immediately act in order to not only prove its world-wide power and authority, but also to unite the American people against this new threat to our country.

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America’s response was strong and swift for America wanted to make sure that there was no question that America took terrorism very seriously after 9/11. The policies and laws, like the TSA program, that were put into place not only helped to make the American citizens feel safer, but it also strengthened our borders and our country’s military prowess.

The Innovations We Now See Due to 9/11

          September 11, 2001, commonly called 9/11, had a serious impact on the United States of America. The policies and laws that were implemented due to fear of terrorist attacks from this event caused there to be changes in our country to the point where some could say that this country is now unrecognizable compared to pre-9/11. There were many consequences that occurred as a result of the attack on 9/11, some of the most prominent changes and those that greatly affected the United Stated of America as a whole would be the effects on immigration, air travel, government policies and laws, continuous actions of wars, and government surveillance on its own citizens. These five major changes that were implemented are still in effect today and have brought about many changes in our country and how it is run. Even though many of the younger people in America cannot remember the devastation of 9/11, due to the fact that these policies and changes are still being used today, means that indirectly 9/11 has, in fact, affected not only pre-9/11 America, but also the years after. Understanding these changes and the reasons as to why they were implemented will not only help us to better understand our country but will also help those that were not around during 9/11 to better grasp as a whole America, and the liberties that we at this very moment are able to enjoy.

Immigration Status in America

  The status of the immigrants as well as how they are viewed and treated in the United States has drastically changed following 9/11. Originally, there was not so much scrutiny on the immigrant not even the illegal one. Deportation was not enacted as frequently as it is today. Before 9/11, immigrants, whether legal or not, did not have to fear how their life might be here in the United States.

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