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The Influence of Scarcity of Resources and Other Factors in the Committal of Offences

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The perception that the Offenders are failing and Labour laws are in crisis also is an old phenomenon as there is cyclical process. Needs never come to an end and there is no limit of having wishes as well. There is need of continuous development and need is achieved in case of any miracle or in result of any issue pertaining to the sustained development as well as leading authority. Success is a factor that provides a person ability to have more success and it inoculates a part of the life in establishing structures and methods for will. Will and motivation must be substantially involved in designing path and goals for future aims. Motivation is intrinsic and extrinsic; a pair of the family members who cannot come to a winning bread situation can never put an example in front of their offender that through such techniques they have made it happen. Motivation to the offender in this case would be intrinsic if parents are successful and have successful strategies. In case there is maximum output in form of money or bonuses, there would be an extrinsic reward and motivation for the parents and offender as well. It has entailed the idea behind notion of cyclical process and history is associated with this entire phenomenon as there is an everlasting process of having aims and then striving for those aims. This can never be achieved till death and inherited to the offender having new goals, new aims and new wishes. New world do not make sure the success and failure as with changes, technology addition and provoked thinking, certain issues are also attached those have made the man mechanical part of the life itself. The entire person is required to have short term goals and let them be achieved in a short but happy life. This strategy is helpful in less developed and developing countries whereas developed countries are involved in industrial infrastructures. Industrial capitalism is the essence of hour as success of country is assessed through its role in the effective sources and industry development all over the world. To make it happen, the key party that is used and deployed more than anything else is manpower. Manpower of any country is mainly dependent upon the power of young people and offender who are going to map out the future of any country. Nineteenth century has made it true that people are controlled by time period and they have to move along the reign of time. Time span has made it impossible for people to have their own desires and system of life management. They were bound as technologies and development increased and involved manpower more and more. There was specific system designed for all people to live and breathe in the world. People have to meet up the tasks assigned to them and these tasks are also based upon the industrial growth and development not including human resources needs. Human resources and socialist has aroused questions regarding safety of manpower and let them survive in a middle wishes belt in order to have more successful and prosperous economy. It also did an effective impact over economy success and powerful achievements. A list of strategies have been developed to interlink aims of people with organizational aims and then work out along the plan as they are more crucial to the success of any plan. Labour walk outs and strikes were main cause of this imbalance in the economy. Social curses have also arouse in the nineteenth and twentieth century as they are of deemed cause in response of technology and overuse of running man through system requirement as compared to system running as per man rules. There is an ample of research dealing with the offenders and criminal behavior in society but there is no issue of reports and articles in relation to offending behavior of offender and young people. People considered for such studies are limited up to the specific range of criminal people, people at workforce, sex offenders, employers, higher authorities, and adults. These all categories are dealt in basic models and theories as a large time has been spent by researcher in correlating the social curses like offending with the main cause involving nature and social causes exempting human from all the phenomenon. No single factor can be put here to deal in offending behaviors but study can be referred to scarcity of resources and getting the situation cursed with blemish attitudes of people and social authorities. Offender are new page to write it over and their minds are ready to be colored as per the paint of society and family. In case of lagging behind in resources and family satisfaction, offender feel it obvious to arrange for their living necessities by hook or crook. Modeling techniques and theories based upon specific research cannot define the specific circumstances and issues pertained to all the offender and young people all over the world. There is yet a better approach made towards unfolding crux of behavioral causes and social impact in shaping up an offender. Considering Offender, despite of the young and offender criterion are in need of getting a right path as they must be dealt in the way they deserve. Any person who commits his mistake and ready to turn back, he must be provided with the right option to admit all he has done and control his behavioral factor in front of any misdeed and controversial approach in future lying ahead. Subcultural theories are started from America and have Chicago history claim. Theory presented by Shaw and McKay in Chicago. They did study over Chicago crime rate in juvenile. There is major contribution of theories in explaining behavior of youth offending and reasons correlated to them. They did delinquency rates calculation and arrived at conclusion that countries with maximum crime rates are based in the middle or central region of city as compared to other outer regions that do have less crime rates. Differential Association Theory is developed in Chicago by Edwin Sutherland and Donald Cressey. They have related deviant behavior and crime nature. They have not certainly defined the role mainly but there is strong relationship between social causes and relevant nature of human. Cloward and Ohlin put a theory in adherence with criminology and offending behaviors of human. Delinquency model is accepted and proposed by them, as they believe that more crimes are reason of just limited and blocked legitimates. They have marked the boundaries and their impact on handling maximum of the issues. Boundaries are causing issues and making it awful for having satisfied and civilized citizens. Subcultural theories have made it possible to clarify and write up the main issues those have been causing crimes as well as offences. Offending behavior of young generation is depended upon limits and area specifications as they have to be dealt in accordance with their changing behavior age. Age factor is not dependent upon level of growth parents and society is responsible for. There is maximum need of considering social causes and social curses as they play more role in shaping minds and behaviors. This is what the real working area in which subcultural theories explained human beings and their variant behaviors along with social ups and downs. Youth offending is less likely to be non-problematic relatively for those persons and offender who have suffered a large range of social segregations. Multiple factors are determinants and derivative of any personality. It is necessary to have a look at all the factors those can participate in managing personality and then a young must be analyzed. Young generation having a lot of sufferings grow up with a behavior of null impact of virtues and ethics. They are not having concern about what is right and what is wrong, they know one thing only that what must be done and what is in their favor. According to them, there will be a specific criterion for evaluation of universe and all unwanted elements must be removed at any stake. Adulthood criminology is discussed in copious nature but there is no specific high lightening of issues that would led to a young to adult transition through suffering social curses and outcome of such situation. Outcome, in real and factual analysis would last a long and would be in favor of the person himself. If a person suffering from a long time and he does not make any offending behavior action, he would be unable to survive in the society race. This does not entails the relationship of offending with a genuine reason of social pressure but it is somehow true, although not rationale. Social theories and concepts has deemed to be true in case of offending behavior as they clearly consider mental condition in response of social issues. All the issues and factors, that may also be divorce element in case of separated parental grow up family structure, offender will have more impact on his mind growth and emotive expressions. All the conditions are well expressed in social theories and tend to be expressed in adulthood effect. Justice model of youth is highly progressive as it has been conducted for mainly youth offences and reasons behind this. This model was done by youth experts and they really participated in the study as per requirements. There is much more focus on youth and offenders are used as major point of focus in this study. Offenders are not responsible for any misdeed or their behavioral change but they will be responsible for the destruction in society and other elements in result of their activities. Offenders are responsible for their destructive works as they are considered as major focal point for making up minds and their condition is accepted as society’s mistake. They have been dealt in generous manner to arrive at any agreed point. Justice and behavioral support models are based upon reasons and causes associated with any situation. Justice cause it happen and make sure that no single person is responsible for any situation but it is the society as a whole that must be answerable for certain factors and situations vulnerable for young generation. Young generation is key element and considered as most effective part of society if taken care of in whole processes of updating and mentoring relationships as well as legitimacies. Youth models are other than this and this area has been studied for maximum level as it has strong impact in society as a subject and as an asocial curse as well. In defining the situation and designing the limits, it is observed to have fixed laws and restrictions that would make young people bound since from their childhood so that it would not go with them through transition towards adulthood. Other models have also been studied in contrast with this model as they oppose criminal nature of offenders. Industrial capitalism is based upon development and large cities whereas it has been discussed that large areas having more crime rate at main cities or main areas like central areas of any country but it is not in the outer areas of country. In case of correlation of juvenile work along with young generation along with the industrial capitalism, there is high factor of young people dealing in high aims. Justice system is developed as offenders are not responsible for their acts and behaviors. It is said on the basis of reason or rationale that in case of more technology and more development, there would be more and more social curses and issues arising. In case of more social curses, it would be hectic, to have consideration of no offence and neutral system. System has to be analyzed time and again in order to assure needs and behaviors in response of needs. All the young people must be trained and saved from the social ambiguous characters as they would make them exposed to harm and let the other things be gliding for them. Young people are yet to be considered for their nature and role in making up whole process in favor of all the stakeholders. As it is impossible to have a situation in which no one is affected and all parties are in win win situation, so it is quite unrealistic to imagine for a zero factor of offences with having maximum of progress and economic abilities of country. Economic aims must be lessened to have more ethical situation and imaginary world achievement. All the situation and processes must be less complicated to have a simple and prosperous lead toward people lives aligned with simple industrial world. Conservative youth justice policy planning is based upon two different eras and there is large difference in the time change. In earlier less of the focus is paid to youth justice and they were not provided with more facilities to combat situation. Later, there was high level of cooperation and collaboration with offenders in a sense of leaders providing service that enhanced their level of analyzing situation and let the situation happen for right and wrong aspect. It made an effective change that aligned role of leader in designing key strategy for offender’s role in destructive and constructive form of society. It has real meaning in taking specific steps and let the leaders play their desired role to control situation as offenders are criminal some times and make a real effect on social and economic situation of any country at any specific time. This act has introduced the same as per the act and laws of eighteen years old introduction about youth justice system. They have provided with all same issues and concern as in the case of earlier rules. For example they have included provisions to prevent disorder and crime, rebuttable presumption’s abolishment, provisions regarding failure of offender to provide evidence at his trial etc. These all are related to the earlier defined rules and regulations those were made for young people and offender role and safety for offences as well as their transition from offender to civilized citizens. Most of the issues are same with certain short amendments, as there is need of maximum effort and leading for situation so there is need of continuous change and improvement to detain offenders from involving into high level of illegitimate functions and wrongdoings. New labour youth justice policy can be considered as a successful element as it has defend all the required rules and regulations, that any labour or employer must be assumed to comply with. It would put a reduction factor against offenders and their effect in handling situation. Labour youth justice laws has considered offender as main party and they would not be punished for any matter in which they would be exposed to any certain situation through any other party. In case of involvement by them in any certain case, at their own will, they would be highly punished and laws can cause punish, penalty or whatever they feel suitable for case. Labour laws are ineffective in some of the aspects as they have continuous reliance on custodial sentencing for young offenders. The must provide with simple and effective strategies not dependent upon certain factors related to sentencing and overwhelming objects. Sentencing offender is the major loophole in labour laws as they are required to present new but safe ideas and structures for offender as well as economy. Following the situation, government has tended towards more reliable and more social curse’s uprooting phenomenon. There are more strategic plans in which there will be an analysis of the youth and offender sentencing. As sentencing is not solution of getting all the things collaborated with economic situation and social causes are having more ratios in cause offending. Behavior of offenders is not confined up to selected rules and regulations, yet they require maximum of knowledge and unbiased attitudes for making up their personality according to required criterion. Keeping labour laws and social legitimacies in mind, new laws and acts must be designed. It has to be noted that more the boundaries will be put on offenders more they would be rebellious to the system defined by authorities. Major reforms those must be implemented include maximum of the efforts and causes beyond the circle dictating situation. Key factors include social situation, status of persons involving in processes, offences nature, social curses, major social parties and all those parties who can make a crucial impact on decision and their execution. Summing it all up, it is of focal reason that offences and crimes are not bound to any single situation. It starts from a common phenomenon of scarcity of resources and involvement of all other certain factors like parent’s nature, social pressure, bad company, low repute area and time again involvement in offences. It would expose personality of offenders toward high crime rate and major areas as theory has defined that major areas have more crime rate as compared to areas in outer or non-familiar regions. The belt of facts and risks associated with that will be planned according to offender nature. Most of the offenders are of rebellious nature and behave in pessimistic way as they have involved in offences and social exclusions from transition of youth to adulthood. Certain theories have been discussed in detailed like subcultural theories explain deviant behavior and offender’s nature whereas all theories are not specific with young and offender element. They have discussed in detail about criminals and offenders. More the offenders will be dealt in soft attitude and lenient terms and condition, more it would recover them mentally, it might be slow process but it can be a successful approach yet.
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