The Influence of Racism in the USA

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Racism has impacted the US for hundreds of years and is continuing to be a key factor in society. It all started long ago when slavery began, whites were saw as the superior race and people of color were made to feel inferior which is why whites made them their slaves. Slave masters used excessive force as a way to instill fear and to force cooperation. These masters saw whipping as a way to flex their power and authority.

There have been many incidents, and continues to be incidents of discrimination from higher powers that are put in place to serve all citizens including but not limited to; the police, teachers, and other government officials. Protesting takes place when the people (citizens of the country) feel that they’re not being heard and are being subject to injustice because of their race or gender. Feelings of injustice is what fuels citizens’ to exercise their first amendment rights; protesting and freedom of speech. Some protests can be violent while others are non-violent.

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Many places have held non-peaceful racism protests, that proves to be more effective that violent protests, like Melbourne. Non- peaceful protests are effective in making a difference and reversing behaviors of discrimination for the greater good of the people. A peaceful protest grants the opportunity to present the injustice behavior and to receive a solution. An example of a peaceful protest that has received a solution is Martin Luther King’s protest at Selma.Most peaceful protests turned violent because of outside forces like the police bringing dogs and fire hoses to disturb the peace.

When tensions rise and one party feels threatened everything turns sour and taints the entire protest. The focus or reason of a protest is forgotten when it turns violent which is why many outside forces get involved, to distract the public from its purpose. The protest at Melbourne’s racism protest turned violent because men got to aggressive. According to author Jake Nowakoski” About two dozen people dressed in black and wearing masks still managed to interrupt an anti-Islam rally, setting flags alight and scuffling with news photographers”. This is an example of how people interact at peaceful protest and outside forces taints the entire rally distracting what’s trying to be done. (Jake Nowakoski)

Violent protests aren’t the key to freedom, simply because it shows ignorance and proves many stereotypes to be true, here are some things that will make your protest ineffective, “More than 100 anti-racism activists had earlier gathered at the steps of Parliament,

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