The Importance Of The Civil War

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The Civil War is one of the most crucial events that shaped the course of American history, and its outcome had a significant impact on the development of the country that is today the United States of America as we know it. We could have been a divided nation where slavery would have still been something we encountered in our everyday lives. The importance of the Civil War cannot be stressed enough – the victims and losses suffered due to the War will have meaning only if we acknowledge that our freedom and social justice today has a lot to do with the events that occurred during the War..

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The conflict between the North and South called the Civil War started because of the many social, economic and political differences between the two separated regions. Both North and South agreed upon the fact that slavery was the immediate cause of the war, although many other aspects may be considered as relevant in the matter. The North and the South were otherwise differentiated as the Union and the Confederates.

In 1793 the cotton gin was invented – a machine used to remove seeds from cotton. This sped up the entire production process, resulting in a higher demand for workforce, which at that time mainly consisted of slaves. It is estimated that roughly four million slaves lived and worked in the Southern economy. About two million of them worked in the cotton fields while the rest worked in homes, on construction sites, mines, as lumberjacks, or in transportation. While the South had an agriculturally oriented economy,

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