The Importance Of Hospitality

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In the Epic The Odyssey by Homer, Homer emphasizes the sacrifices made by the brave heroic Odysseus as he faces many harsh obstacles fighting in the Trojan War for the past 10 years. This Epic portrays many emotional and mental values as it is depicted by many brave heroes who were willing to make very difficult decisions. The value of relationships and hospitality is revealed throughout the novel.

The author acknowledges the value of culture of the characters as there is a constant repetition of hospitality. Throughout Odysseus’s journey, multiple characters come along his path as they each hold their own moral. Many of these characters represent the constant repetition of hospitality shown as they are pleasing the Gods by sharing and providing items for people in need, knowing that some type of incentive will be given back to them in return for completing a good deed. In this novel, hospitality is an important part of honor and negotiation of relationships. Odysseus acknowledges the fact that Aeolus hosted [him] one entire month…he gave [him] a sack, the skin of a full-grown ox, binding inside the winds that howl from every quarter (Homer 231). His acknowledgement reveals the hospitality between the characters since it is told that Aeolus was kind enough to host Odysseus and his men for an entire month and provide him with a sack of wind, which will come to be useful later on. Many other good deeds are done by the characters throughout the novel in order to show the constant repetition of hospitality.

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When Odysseus is at King Alcinous’ palace, [he] hid his face while he wept. His weeping went unmarked by all the others; only Alcinous,

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