The Impact of Zoloft Sertraline on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

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Big Picture:

Thousands of people struggle with some form of anxiety in their daily life. Many choose not to seek help but what happens to the people that do. A form of anxiety is obsessive compulsion disorder which is where people have unwanted, reoccurring thoughts that affect their day to day life.

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For this disorder many psychiatrists often prescribe the drug Zoloft also commonly known as Sertraline. Sertraline is taken by tablet to the mouth which then puts more Serotonin levels into the brain affecting the chemicals. This adds more Sertraline neurotransmitters which increases the Serotonin and increases your mood and reduces anxiety and in this study Obsessive-Compulsion disorder.

Many studies showed significant improvement of this disorder using the drug Sertraline. Many saw that their mood was rated better and that they were more optimistic about life and how they went about their day to day life. Studies found that the drug worked best if you were on it for long periods of time. Most people after on Sertraline for long periods of time actually rated their well-being and quality of life better than those who either didn’t take the medication at all or those that took it for shorter periods of time. Sertraline isn’t just to help with anxiety, this drug also treats depression as well.

Obsessive-Compulsion disorder can happen to anyone. A study showed that women that were going thought the postpartum stage had an increases risk of developing the disorder. Having a baby is such a big deal and for the women people found that it is so life changing that it causes the mother to have OCD. Studies found that women are more likely than men to have OCD. When taking this drug many studies looked at talked about the side effects this drug can cause. This can include actually worsened anxiety, drowsiness, diarrhea, irritability and the list goes on. In the most studies read many of the patients experienced some of the side effects.

The Specifics:

During this research many of the sources brought up women are more likely to suffer from Obsessive-Compulsion Disorder then men.

When I read this from multiple sources, this stood out to me. The sources didn’t give an exact answer to why this was but it could be due to the nature of women versus men. Studies have shown women are more likely to suffer from depression in their mid-forties because of the stress of taking care of older family members and their children leaving the home for college. So, when reading that women are more likely to suffer from OCD then men I think these two could be related. Possibly the women are having more reoccurring, disturbing thoughts about their children and parents growing older along with all the stress that comes with it.

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