The Impact of Pearl Harbor on America

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At a time in history when there was tension rising between the United States and Japan because Japan’s military forces had invaded countries aggressively for their resources and told them to stop. It was December 7, 1941 and Japan decided to bomb Pearl Harbor, and defeat the US Pacific Fleet to obtain power and gain resources. This tragedy slightly weakened our military forces, killed a lot of innocent people, and left the U.S.

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in shock. This triumph event is significant in history because the U.S. forces bounced back quickly, declared war with Japan and won. The major tragedy for the United States was that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The U.S. lost a lot of people due to the attack. They had about 2,300 deaths and lost over 300 planes and about 20 ships. At first, the U.S. was so surprised because the attack came out of nowhere. Japan had caused mourn in the U.S. for all the lives they had lost that day. The U.S knew that there was tension between the two countries, but they didn’t expect it to get to that point. The United States’ triumph was that later in war, the U.S. had bombed Japan by hitting them with the first deployed atomic bomb in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. The bomb killed 80,000 people immediately and destroyed ninety percent of the city. Other people died from an exposure to radiation. The US also deployed an A-bomb on Nagasaki that killed about 40,000 people. This caused Japan’s Emperor Hirohito to say that Japan surrenders from World War II because of a new and most cruel bomb. World War II was happening in Europe and Asia for two whole years, the United States had not entered the war at that time yet.

Although the attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise, tension between the United States and Japan had been growing for a long time. The United States wasn’t happy with Japan because of their bad attitude towards China. The ruler of Japan was trying to take over Asia. He was getting worried about the US Navy in Hawaii (Pearl Harbor is in Hawaii). Japan decided to attack the US to prevent the US from attacking them. The Japanese thought that if they attacked the war ships in Pearl Harbor, then the US Navy could not attack them. It turns out that the Japanese were mistaken, and the attack they made on Pearl Harbor went the opposite way they wanted it to go, causing the US to declare war the next day. The attack on Pearl Harbor was a complete surprise. It was completed by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service and against the United States Naval Base. The attack took place on December 7,1941.

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