The Impact of Non-Financial Resources

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MOHAMMED ADVERTISING AND PUBLISHING COMPANY As a consultancy I advise Mohammed to choose his location in BOSHAR because there is population of people and also many schools and colleges are their so he can get a lot of profit through population of people and also there is no company of publishing and advertising company over there. And also I advise Mohammed to choose his brand name for the company because it can help him to be famous in Oman and can’t steal his brand name. The following are the physical and technological resources: PHYSICAL RESOURCES This is most important of running the organization of advertising and publishing company .physical resources include building and equipment.

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BUILDING Our capital first as a consultancy we need to buy a building in order to do our business well instead of rent it cost in the budget ABOUT THE BUILDING It will consist three offices, two toilets, one storeroom, and one for fist aid room. Each room will be provided doors, windows and also declaration of the company in order to attract the more customers. ABOUT EACH ROOM

  • Dustbin: in each offices ,toilet and first aid room
  • Water taps: in toilet and first aid room
  • Toilet sinks: in toilet
  • Soap; in toilet
  • toilet paper; in toilet

All the physical resources as consultancy we ordered from NIZWA because it is not far away from NIZWA so we can budget our money. THREE OFFICES: The first office for general manager and the second office for finance manage and the third for the other workers because it is office of publishing and advertising company it didn’t many offices it is small business. Two toilet One toilet will be for man or male and the other toilets is for woman or female. So it helps a company to have their own toilet ONE STOREROOM This help our product to be safe in a company so our product can stay in a safe place and do not broken. ONE FOR FIRST AID This is one among of the physical resources it help a company when there is emergency accident or small injury they can treat people in the company instead of taking him or her to the hospital As a constancy I advise him to buy a building instead of renting when Mohammed it will cost every month to pay for rent so it is better to buy building. EQUIPMENT Also they are needed equipment in order to do their business easy of publishing and advertising company. ABOUT EQUIPMENT

  • SOFA

TABLES This help in office to put things in a safe place like files document,

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