The Human Trafficking Crisis

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The fifteenth century marks the introduction of human trafficking in the Americas. Slavery still exists in the United States, and in other countries, and governments are not doing enough about it. Those who think that slavery in America ended with the creation of the 13th amendment couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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To fully understand human trafficking throughout the ages; the origin of slavery, aspects of slavery in the United States, the focus of policing human trafficking, and the treatment of victims of human trafficking, must be inspected thoroughly. “. . . Experts estimate that more than half a million women are trafficked across international borders each year and every year 50,000 women are trafficked into the United States.” (Simons, 2010, pg. 65). The governments of all countries need to join together to help better prevent and stop human trafficking, and to create programs for survivors of human trafficking.

To completely understand the nature of this matter, the origins of this issue must be investigated. Addressing slavery’s initiation and slavery in Europe, as well as the purpose of medieval slavery are necessary to discovering how governments have not done their part in protecting their people from human trafficking and how they have not assisted survivors of human trafficking in their countries. “. . . As an institution, modern forms of slavery, such as people trafficking, still exist, despite slavery being almost universally banned in societies today.” (“How Did Slavery Develop?”, 2016). Finally, illustrating how slavery relates to economics, ethics, and American culture, will round out the information.

Understanding the concept of slavery means understanding that its origins begin not with the Americas, but seemingly with the very origin of human life. “Slavery has been an ancient institution that likely goes back to periods of the earliest writing if not originating even before.” (“How Did Slavery Develop?”, 2016). The system of slavery has been used by mankind for millenniums, and the development of the system is most notably attributed to the necessity to utilize prisoners of war. However, this was not the sole slave source: “Slavery also developed as a form of punishment for individuals who defaulted on debt. As societies became monetized by the 3rd millennium BCE, slavery became a way in which individuals were punished for falling into debt.” (“How Did Slavery Develop?”, 2016). Throughout centuries both of these methods are recurring factors in the victimization of individuals trafficked into the slave trade. Medieval Europe is no different.

“In the earliest part of the Middle Ages, slaves could be found in many societies, among them the Cymry in Wales and the Anglo-Saxons in England. The Slavs of central Europe were often captured and sold into slavery, usually by rival Slavic tribes. Moors were known to keep slaves and believed that setting a slave free was an act of great piety.” (Thought Co.,

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