The History of Star Wars The Force Awakens

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The Odyssey sets the standard for many modern-day epic stories. There are many examples of this, however, focusing on Star Wars, this becomes quite evident Every epic has a plot around A Hero’s Journey. There is a theme for the film that has an acronym, G.O.E.S. Which stands for   Glorified, On a Quest, Ethical, and Strong. Star Wars: The Force Awakens continues the modern epic of Joseph Campbell’s A Hero with a Thousand Faces incorporates The Hero’s Journey, Mentors and Wizards, and finally Man versus Machine.

The element of Mentors and Wizards continues the modern epic in Star Wars; The Force Awakens. Han Solo is a mentor to Rey because Han Solo gives her a gift that was a gun and Rey rejects it, but Han Solo gives advice to Rey (Abrams). Rey did not think that the gun would help herself defend against the storm troopers. Han Solo gives advice to Finn, but Maz gives Finn a gun. They needed to find and defend Rey, before, getting out of the bar. Rey leaves without a weapon to run away with BB8 and then Maz gives a light saber to Finn (Abrams). Maz and Han Solo gives advice and gifts to the hero’s, Rey and Finn and in doing so, are acting as mentors and wizards.  Han Solo wanted to bring Kylo Ren’s son back (Abrams). Han Solo wanted to see his son again because Han Solo has not seen his son in a few years and wants him to be good.

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Man versus Machine remains an aspect of the modern epic in The Star Wars The Force Awakens.

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