The History Of Cross Culture Training Business Essay

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With globalization in full swing, cross-cultural training is a necessity in the modern day world. The aspect of diverse culture in the business environment ought to be taken as a serious issue. Inability to understand and contain diverse culture in a business environment is critical as it can result into a diminishing business environment. Qualified decisions must be made as to the best cross-cultural training programs that an organization should adopt. There is no adequate research on this. This research study aims at establishing the adequacy of cross-cultural training by outside institutions such as universities in Chinese business environment rather than in-house cross-cultural training programs. To get the results, a comprehensive literature review was conducted. It was foun that cross-cultural training offered by outside institutions in Chinese business environment is common. This is due to the fact that China has unique cultures and in-house training on culture does not present sufficient opportunities for success. This study is essential as it serves to provide information to businesses not only in China but in other parts of the world regarding the best way to offer cross-cultural training to reap the benefits of the presence of diverse cultures in a business environment. Cross-Culture Training Cross-cultural training is a phrase commonly used to define a form of training that is offered with an aim of highlighting the difficulties and problems faced in working in a cross-cultural context. In addition, cross-cultural training teaches both skills and methodologies necessary to overcome such difficulties. With globalization in full effect, cross-cultural training in businesses is indispensable. Since globalization took effect, the traditional way of business operation and communication in businesses has been dispensed. Indeed, in the modern day world, it has become exceedingly common for staff in a particular country to regularly deal with clients, colleagues or even suppliers in another country over such communication mediums as emails, telephones or even video conferencing. While people from different regions in the world may work for one organization, possess same knowledge and skills or even work in the same industry, the manner in which each individual works, interacts and does business may be characterized by vast differences. Therefore, when working in a multicultural context, having the appropriate professional skills and understanding personal and colleagues’ cultural make-up is indispensable as it helps avoid business failure and misunderstandings given rise by inadequate cultural sensitivity and competence. In the Middle East, especially China, businesses have increasingly realized the need for cross-cultural training. This follows after research identified that doing business in the Middle East presents formidable cultural challenges. Therefore, businesses in the region engage themselves rigorously in this aspect to ensure that their businesses operate effectively. A significant number of businesses in China tend to use outside institutions such as universities to conduct such training. Therefore, this paper aims at establishing the extent to which Chinese businesses use outside institutions cross-cultural training.

Literature Review

In a review of 228 multinational companies in China, Solomon (1994) found out that all the companies had well-designed cross-cultural programs for expatriates,

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