The History Analysis of Religious Festivals in Shakespeare’s Tragedy “Hamlet”

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William Shakespeare was the prince of Denmark who wrote the tragedy of Hamlet as one of his most popular tragedies where he found many religious references in his book, which included the protestant and catholic. According to his poetic of Hamlet from religious point of his analysis, which is biblical, he argued out that Hamlet is rich in material of many kinds, which reflected most aspects of religious circumstances in religious era. Dutton (260) argues that the pieces of religious literature have great impact to the synopsis of Hamlet as he stressed that religious basics which are found in his tragedy creates the scheme, references and foretelling.

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One of the first pieces of Christian proof showed that the viewers in Hamlet are the plan of agony. In this case, I am going to discuss various acts of the play based on the religious norms.

In act one of the scenes is the Ghost who says that he is not in heaven and is not in hell and during the night, he is able to disappear and in the day light he is stuck in purgatory till he is punished for his sins. The first part of the guideline in the scene, Catholic Church is understood as the dwelling place where souls are taken when the body dies. He stresses out that purgatory is where the soul compensates for its sins, which had not been acknowledged through confession, and after then it can move to heaven. The part of purgatory may be seen not of any important idea to the play but with time, the analysis provides a proof to this doubts. The full impression of purgatory, which is neither in hell nor in heaven,

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