The Hell’s Angels and the Police

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The hell’s angel is a criminal gang that mainly relies on the theft, drug trafficking, and prostitution as their source of income. It was founded in 1948 after the world war 2. Police have been in constant wrangles with this gang trying to bring to an end the criminal activities conducted by the gang. The gang mainly uses motorcycles to carry out their business which they consider as the fastest means of escaping the police. The gang involves both sexes, and they wear black jackets that bear the name hell’s angels with skull symbols.

It has become difficult for the police to identify the criminal activities of the group. This is because the group uses cunning measures which allude that a group is a charity group that serves the society. Police argue that this is an outlawed group because they murder and eliminate other rivals who are opposed to their criminal activities. The police have not been able to come up with details of what goes on during closed club meetings of the group. The gang breaks the rules and laws in the society as they have the view that no police can stop them.

The police efforts to fight and execute the gang has been faced with a lot of challenges. The gang has heavy weapons which they use to attack the law enforcers and the public. The gang has a tight and sturdy managerial structure as opposed to the management in the police force which enables the gang to carry out their business with much ease. There seems to be a certain form of communication which is sophisticated and makes it difficult for the police to follow the criminal offenses of the gang.

The police continue to be determined to bring to an end of these criminal activities despite the challenges.

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