The Guatemalan Civil War

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The Guatemalan Civil War, a controversy between the Mayans and the government, was an injustice due to discrimination in the governmental system, ending in the mass genocide of the Mayan people. Not many people talk about or even know about this 36-year long catastrophe. During this terrible controversy, men, women, and children were killed due to a corrupt government.

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Countless civilians were scared throughout this whole embroilment, but some of them stood up and became There are many components that started, ended, and kept the Guatemalan Civil war going. Many of them were sad and discouraging, but there are also great events that happened, like the Mayans standing up to the corrupt Guatemalan government.

The Mayans were always poor and discriminated against by the government and others. This was huge! It caused the Mayans to revolt in opposition to the Guatemalan government. Another element of the uprising is the Guatemalan military leaders fighting and disagreeing on many conditions. The Left (civilians) grew through their military and started a rebellion against the Right (government). The United States CIA chose the Right to support. The civilians became the guerrillas of Guatemala that would go against the government. This is what started the Guatemalan Civil War and living conditions went downhill from there. There were numerous events that escalated the Guatemalan Civil War. The government played a huge part in doing so, as well as the civilians. A man known as General Jose Efrain Rios Montt was elected president in 1982. Montt started to target anyone who was under suspicion of helping the guerrillas.

From 1981 to 1982,

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