The growth of wine market in india

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1. Chapter One – Introduction

1.1. Introduction to Dissertation Topic

The research proposal is to study and analyze the Indian Wine industry.

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In India, wine industry is now an emerging market. The manufacturing of wine and its consumption in India is insignificant in comparison to any other countries. Generally the wine production in India has arisen since the 1980s. In 1984 only the Champagne Indage’s plant was set up in the Maharashtra State, to mark the manufacturing of wine on organized scale in India. Earlier the consumption of wine was low because of poor logistics and inventory problem including storage and transport facilities, lack of proper marketing and promotional activities of wine, unfavorable rules on domestic marketing of wines expects in few states, strict and regressive government policies with different taxation across various states. Over the last ten years wine industry in India started doing well because of the changing life style of the urban people. A person from urban areas, now adopting the western culture and drinking is now considered as a style statement for them. Now import tariff has been reduced in India significantly after joining the WTO enabling foreign companies to perpetrate the Indian consumer market in large. Due to increase in demand for consumption of wine in India, it is resulting in opening up the wine market in the country. The quantitative restrictions are now waived up, import duties are also reduced and the domestic regulations are done much simplifier. Due to the rising economy, the income capacity of a person in India is also going up and hence changing the standard of living. There is huge change in the demographic profile in India and exposing to the new culture which results in changing in consumption of drinking habits. Now the tourism industry is also rapidly growing through its promotional activities that “Incredible India”. The frequency of the flights has also increased to the overseas and attracting more number of foreign tourists to visit India. Considering all opportunities and demand in the market, government has given some relaxation in the regulation and policies for this business.

This main objective of this project is to explore the wine market in Maharashtra of Indian.

1.2. Objectives and Research Questions

The dissertation is carried out to analyze the growth in the wine industry in India, particularly in Maharashtra. A study has been done on the Maharashtra Wine Market.

Three research questions are to be addressed:

RQ1. To assess the current and future status of the Indian wine market

The current and future scenario in terms of products, product segmentation and distribution, suppliers and raw materials availability, major players and the competition level of the Indian wine market will be analyzed.

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