The Greatest Teacher

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In August of 1992, I was 10 years old going into the fourth grade. I was held back when I was younger due to my family moving so many times. I would be a fourth grader who attended C.T.Reed Elementary school, in Greenbelt, Maryland.

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That entire summer I wished and prayed that I would get my favorite fourth grade teacher and it would be Miss Susan Finch. Miss Finch was a warm,nurturing,beautiful and graceful woman who would encourage every student even if they were not her student or even in a different grade. She was also a teacher who always wore snow white reebok classics everyday. It didn’t matter the weather. She loved and cared about any and all students.

As always like clockwork, two weeks before school started there was a letter that came in the mail informing parents and guardians of which class and teacher each student would be assigned too for the following year. I harassed my mom everyday until it finally arrived in the mail. I was extremely nervous before my mom opened the letter, because I knew that letter contained the name of my future fourth grade teacher. My mom opened the letter, read it quietly to herself and then loudly she said” drum roll please” . I was staring at her as if I thought she was joking and she blurted out you got Miss Finch! I remember jumping up and down screaming so loud i lost most of my voice.

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The first day of school had arrived and I got up early that morning to make sure my new clothes and shoes I begged my mom to buy me which were snow white reebok classics were laid out and ready for me to wear.

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