The Giverr’s Continued

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The Giverr’s continued/alternate ending

Jonas felt the uncomfortable plastic sled come to a stop, his hands nearly frozen around the icy rope that he gripped until his knuckles faded white. His eyes followed up to the brown cabin ahead of him, colorful lights lining the home, twinkling like bright stars, a soft sound, a piano, childrenr’s voices, singing in his ears. Music.

He felt the corners of his lips pulling upward, relief the only emotion he could fathom as he glanced down at the restless Gabe, stirring in the pile of cloth he was tightly wrapped in to battle the shrill, cold air and the piercing snow, his face soured in disgust in the uncomfortable weather.

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Jonas could feel his heartbeat increasing rapidly to prevent the cold air from shutting his body down, but he knew it wouldn’t last long. So he pried his red pulsing hands from the rope, wincing at the excruciating pain of forcing himself to move his numb fingers, then pulled Gabe tightly against him, his face against Jonasr’s chest, his coat bundling Gabe.

We-Were almost t-there G-Gabe. He shivered, falling on his side, the sled tipping against him, the body forming a red shade above him, and for a second he thought, just maybe, he could close his eyes, and fall asleep in the soft snow, the red lights influencing him more, but he denied the urge, knowing Gabe was with him, and he had a chance.
Jonas forced the sled off of him, moaning as his body ached from the slight movement, his limbs throbbing from the cold. Yet he pushed forward once more, the cabin only yards away. He placed his bare hands on the packed snow, groaning as the cold sent pains through his bones, but he didnt stop, pushing himself to his numb feet that were shaking vigorously, Were s-so cl-close. he whispered, mainly to himself, moving one foot before the other slowly, the snow passing above his ankles with each step. He pushed Gabe closer to himself, feeling his head spin, only adding more pain to the sickening headache he had.

Hed only taken a few pitiful steps, before he began to sweat, feeling as if he was burning up in an instant. He looked down at Gabriel warily, he didnt understand what was happening to him, why he was so hot after and excruciating moment of being freezing. ?Precision of language. he thought, nearly laughing at the ridiculous thought that had entered his mind. Had he really had the nerve to think that at a time like this?

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