The Giver Analytical Paper

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Imagine living in a world designed to be free of conflicts and hunger? When fragments of memories are taken out from oner’s consciousness, how does one think and feel? When life is devoid of colors, will there be genuine happiness can be drawn out of sheer blandness? What is family when love is strange and is truly undefined? When your destiny is already pre-determined, what else challenges or excites you as the sun sets and rises the next day? What if one doesnt need money for survival- how long will you wish to stay in a pseudo utopian society defined by contentment and conformity? Yet, for Jonas, the one chosen to receive the burden of taking in the collective memories of the populace, itr’s how soon can he manage to escape when he begins to discover the dark secrets and painful truth amidst this seemingly ideal society as the Giver “who is the sole keeper of memory- finally reveals to Jonas the truth that lies beneath the word release which was thought to be a beautiful journey to Elsewhere. These are few questions that will help examine your conscience as the writer takes us to alternate world defined by contentment and conformity..

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In what seemed to be a utopian community, people live in an orderly calculated manner following certain standards in their day-to-day life “where every aspect of it follows a community-based rule governed by committee of elders who determine every citizenr’s fate including the use of language appropriate for any given situation. After all, this is what they strived for Sameness – unity and comfort for every citizen within the society owing to what they perceived that peace can be attained when everyone is equal and the same.

The society runs systematically where every one plays a key role pre-assigned to him or her on the basis of oner’s strength and weakness. Defying the rules or falling short of the given standards will cause a member to be released. “which actually means Euthansia or mercy killing but is hidden from the publicr’s eyes.

Precision of language is the required norm for people in the community in their interpersonal relationship so that it functions accordingly. Even in expressing statement of apology, it has to be consistent and in accordance with the standard script. Also, there are accurate words to describe certain level of emotions in Jonas world. Hence, language is paramount that it has become a powerful tool used to advance the societyr’s agenda. Its creative manipulation and persuasive character has been too effective to make people believe in something that for them is the absolute truth. This is called Euphemism in English literature. Euphemism is commonly understood as the substitution of a mild, indirect, or vague expression for one thought to be offensive,

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