The Genetically Modified Organisms Process

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One may only wonder, what are GMO’s? GMO’s stand for genetically modified organisms. In laymen terms it means that plants and animals are created using biological technology which alters their DNA by modifying their genes, another term you may have heard of is Molecular Gastronomy- which is the altercation of food (which I learned in my F+B class at STU). One can already assume that this process is very different from normal traditions like cross-breeding, a process which humankind has been doing for thousands of years.

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In class I have learnt that America is the leading producer of GMO crops in the World today, which is not fortunate for someone like me whom is deciding to live within the Country. Furthermore, in class I learnt that the first GMO product was introduced to society in 1994, this product was the labor saver tomato. Ever since the Labor saver tomato was released in 1994, GMO products in our food supply has been increasing more and more ever since. Additionally, we learnt that most common GMO crops which can be found in the Market are; corn, soy-beans, cotton and rapeseed- which shocked me to learn that canola oil is made from it.

In Contrast, I also learnt, that a few positives of GMO’s do exist, and this is what brings up the ethical question of- does the good outweigh the bad? It is argued that scientists created these organisms in order to achieve specific desired result, for example, they created apples that don’t brown when exposed to air, Salmon that grow faster and rice that is much healthier.

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