The Gang Gets Evaluated by a Future Social Worker on Their Behavior

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We are going to observe the behavior of the characters in the show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and their interactions with each other. We will analyze the main reasons to why they behave the way they do around each other, considering how they can drastically affect each other in such a negative manner. This would be done with a microlevel intervention, since we are working with five individuals. Some of the individuals have larger roles in terms of their microlevel group, not just in the roles in their workplace where they usually interact, but in their negative behavior towards each other as well. We will mainly focus on specific interactions when one of the members was replaced with a mannequin of a similar appearance and how the group reacted with it. Each individual had issues arise from the mannequin that revolved around specific issues they struggled with throughout the series. In the episode

The Gang Makes Paddy’s Pub Great Again the character Dennis is replaced with a mannequin because he left the group to be with a woman who supposedly had a child because of him. During one scene, they all seem to be positive toward each other while discussing their plan to earn money; then they acknowledge the mannequin, where they begin to assume that it’s thinking the negative thoughts that Dennis would say to them, assuming the plan was a bad idea. (Day C., McElhenney R., Howerton G., 2005). They received a sort of microlevel intervention when a character named Cindy explained how they don’t need Dennis’s negativity back in their lives, which was noticeable during their discussion for their plan. Their social functioning would be labelled difficult because they are aware of their negative traits and have those negatives used against them by their group, yet they continue to interact with each other. This behavior was why they decided to have Dennis return to their group instead of keeping Cindy,

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