The Freedom of Slaves

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The year 1775 was when John Murray organized a colonial military unit called the Ethiopian Regiment that had over 30,000 black slaves who leave their masters to join their organization. They were promised freedom if they joined Lord Dunmore to fight against the rebels in the revolutionary war, many of them however, died or were sent back to their masters.

Not only did these slaves risk their lives in order to gain their freedom, they also risked punishment from their owners if they were to get sent back. Therefore not all slaves were able to benefit much from joining this Regiment. What the military has solved was them being known as the most skilled, equipped soldiers with naval superiority. Slaves were also freed due to the Revolution. Many black slaves died due to diseases such as smallpox and only 300 were able to contribute while the rest were thrown out of their boat or sent to jail.

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Based on the primary documentation that was sent to Lord Dunmore, colonial governor in the American colonies; freeing black slaves after they fight for the British played a major role for the American Revolution and their strategy. Furthermore, this started a practice that led to events, such as Dunmore’s issues with the Patriots.

He was in need of troops and later started enlisting any free man. This resulted to his recruitment of black slaves and of other origins. The letter was sent from the Council of Virginia, a reply to the Governors message congratulating the arrival of him and his family as well as concur with the House Of Burgesses in framing such laws as shall be for the welfare and true interest of this colony .

Lord Dunmore’s contribution helped the colony build a stronger union as well as events leading up to it, such as the Tea Act. People from the North suspected the war would be unavoidable when the Coercive Acts was passed. However, Lord Dartmouth anticipated against hope for peace and willingly wanted to discuss further notion with the American Congress. Thus, he proposed for the colonies to signify their adherence to the imperial trade laws by reenacting those statutes .

John Ferling describes the decisions being made by the congress and people, such as John Adams, who was against the idea of going to war and Congress’s second pivotal step was to urge each colony to put its militia upon a proper footing . Therefore, Adams claimed that Congress would neither create a national army nor assist the colonies in preparing their militias.

These events have affected black slaves due to the union being in need of recruits. They offered black slaves to gain their freedom in exchange for them to participate in their military union.

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