The First President of the United States of America – George Washington

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He is someone I admire, because he is one of the reasons why this country exists. He not only helped put our country into existence, but he helped set our country into a country with democracy. This had never been done before, and him doing this is the reason why we have all our freedoms today.

George Washington’s eloquent white, curly hair, and rosy cheeks best describe what he looks like. A man with broad shoulders and with great strength. He also was with a great height of six foot and two inches, making him one of the tallest presidents of the United States. His teeth fell out due to gum disease, which made him have to wear dentures. He never wanted power for his fame, but to help unify this country. He was known for his kindness, humility, and great leadership, which all contributed to making this country to what it is today. George Washington was not a very good speaker, but liked writing things out instead. He also was more of a serious person and sometimes had a temper.

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George Washington was honored by the United States, when he was put on the quarter and the dollar bill. Having him on these objects help people remember how important he was to our country. George Washington’s great face is shown on both of these objects, which make a vivid image to everyone of what George Washington looked like.

George Washington grew up on a rather flourishing tobacco plantation. Even though George Washington did not go to school, he still had a very good education. His father died when he was only eleven years old, making his brother now own the plantation. He became a land surveyor at the age of sixteen. Many of George Washington’s skills contributed to him,

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